My Journey As A Computer Science Student 🤔

date published : January 28, 2021 read time : 3 mins

Where & When It Started

I come from a public secondary school background and have always, since the age of 13, had the aspiration of becoming a software engineer (My friends would always make a joke of me, writing HTML and CSS codes on my Tecno T381). I opted for Computer Engineering at The Federal University, Akure (FUTA) when the time comes for JAMB application, obtained computer science part-time form at The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, as an alternative if peradventure I got jammed by JAMB. The first and second lists came out from FUTA but my name wasn’t on the lists. And when my name came as part of FPI’s first list, I took the risk, resumed school, intending to go back to Akure if my name eventually comes out.

A chance to make it happen

Smiles, Faith they say has reasons for its decisions; a Computer Science degree has provided me with a way to continue to fight for my dreams alongside many like-minded individuals. Having narrowly missed the shot to FUTA, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro believed in me and offered me an unconditional offer for a part-time Computer Science program.

Originally I found the proposition daunting as it would mean paying extra fees and probably not get the same experience as full-time students but knowing The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro’s reputation and my passion for software development, it was too good an opportunity to miss. Amidst the drawbacks of part-time, I ensured to set my target and the goal was simple; graduate with a good grade and be technically good in programming and problem-solving skills.

The Experience

Computer Science is a challenging degree with a high but manageable workload so it is nice to take breaks and have a social life and time away from studying. These breaks are also key to afford your brain the chance to recover and be fresh to face the next task. I, for one, love the late-night air and find it calming and so I spend my free late-night time largely going for walks on the streets.

Looking back on it as I approach the final year of my undergraduate degree, I made exactly the right decision in accepting FPI’s offer and I simply cannot imagine myself studying or wanting to study anything else. The big draw for me, aside from having a grade was that a computer science degree acts as a pathway to Software Engineering; with my end goal being to become a software Engineer. I have found all aspects of the Computer Science course intellectually stimulating, interesting, and valuable. Particularly, when there are challenging assignments from lecturers and programming bugs that took me 3 days to solve only to find out the problem was the omission of a semi-colon (;).

Lectures for my final year session would begin on the 1st of February, 2021, and in few months, I’ll be in the labour market, writing codes that matter.